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Access to global Trade Center Network of BNP Paribas
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Comprehensive foreign exchange services
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International Services

You have access to BNP Paribas' Trade Center Network, with the strength and expertise of the 6th largest financial institution in the world. And by working with our International Service specialists, you have access to that network when and where you need it most. With 100 Trade Centers across 60 countries, we can literally deliver the entire spectrum of international import and export services in just about every language and every currency around the globe.

Foreign Exchange

We provide international financing, investment and risk management services, as well as international money-transferring facilities. Our advisors work closely with you to devise hedging strategies to maximize profits while minimizing risk.

Global Trade

Our team of seasoned trade specialists offers importers, exporters and international corporations a comprehensive range of advisory and transaction services, including international financing, foreign banking, and local market intelligence.

Pacific Rim Banking

Our relationship with the strong Pacific Rim network of our parent, BNP Paribas, provides all the products and services of a major international bank.