Payables Management

Easier ways to process your payments.

Dedicated cash management experts

Competitive, customized products and services

Streamline your payables process and increase efficiency with our disbursement services. Our payment methods allow you to manage your funds effectively so that you can make the most of your cash flow.

Positive Pay: Help protect your company from theft and fraud by maintaining control of your disbursement process. Receive timely protection with alerts to potentially fraudulent items early each morning. Improve audit capabilities and save time verifying checks issued against checks paid.

ACH/eCommerce: Utilize a wide range of reliable, cost-effective ways to process electronic payments. As one of the top 50 ACH originating banks in the country, we are a nationally recognized ACH leader, and can deliver solutions to fit your cash management needs.

Controlled Disbursement: Receive timely, accurate information about the checks presented daily against your disbursement account.  This service allows you to precisely fund your disbursement account, to help you enhance investment opportunities or reduce borrowing requirements.

TaxDirect: Pay your taxes electronically with our secure and state-of-the-art service, TaxDirect. We offer three convenient payment methods: Internet, touch-tone telephone, or live operator. Whether it's federal, state or local taxes, we offer a complete service that's fast, safe and convenient.