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Electronic Check Service - Accept checks with confidence.

Elavon provides the conversion of paper checks at the point-of-sale into safe and efficient "electronic checks". By submitting checks through the same system that authorizes credit and debit cards, you can dramatically reduce deposit expense and improve cash flow.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Conversion

This process occurs in a check present/consumer present environment. The check is passed through the POS system for conversion and is approved or declined, with the voided check handed back to the customer. Settlement occurs electronically, with funds deposited to the business' account, usually within 24-48 hours.

Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC)

ARC is used for check present/consumer absent transactions, which are typical of receivable payments, mail-order purchases and companies that operate in a drop-box environment.

Check payments will be processed in a matter of seconds with the electronic conversion options available through Elavon's network. The conversion to electronic checks means you'll have more time to concentrate on your other business needs.

Electronic Gift Cards - Seamlessly expand your customer base.

Expand your market, increase revenue and build customer loyalty - all with the efficiency of an Electronic Gift Card solution through Elavon. When customers give Electronic Gift Cards to friends and family, your market can quickly expand as gift card recipients become new customers. What's more, gift card users often apply the card value toward a larger purchase. Best of all, every business can benefit from an Electronic Gift Card program that is both efficient and cost-effective. Gift cards can be used as more than just a gift. Other ideas for uses include: merchandise returns, promotional marketing tools, corporate incentives, customer appreciation awards and more.

Point-of-Sale Equipment and Solutions - Accept payments virtually anywhere.

Payment Terminals

From dial to Internet-enabled to wireless, we offer a selection of user-friendly payment processing terminals that meet the latest industry security standards.

Software and Internet Solutions

Eliminate the need for stand-alone terminals by turning your Internet-enabled PC into a payment acceptance portal. We offer software solutions that can be used in retail face-to-face environments as well as mail order / telephone order environments. Do you need to accept payments through your web site? We have solutions for you too. Choose the processing solution that meets your business needs.

Reporting & Support Tools


Monitor your account at your convenience from any Web browser through MerchantConnect. This resourceful online site lets you display recent deposits, view chargebacks and retrieval requests, access customer support, and much more. Visit www.merchantconnect.com to view a demo and learn more about the tools that are available to help you oversee your merchant account.

Advanced Reporting Solutions

Does your business require advanced reporting needs? If so, MerchantConnect Premium may be just what you need. Enhanced information is available through MerchantConnect Premium, our most comprehensive, versatile reporting solution. Premium offers access to one year's worth of reporting information from multiple store locations. It features informative interchange qualification reports that summarize your payments, classify qualification rates, and provide insight as to why transactions are downgrading. Data is searchable and can be exported to a spreadsheet or another application for further analysis.

Merchant services offered independently by Elavon. Elavon is not a Bank of the West affiliate. Bank does not offer, control, or guarantee the services of Elavon and makes no representation or warranties regarding the services.