Managing Business Transitions

At Bank of the West, we understand that the personal and business financial interests of business owners are often aligned, but are not necessarily at the same stage at the same time. As a company evolves through its business lifecycle, the complexity of its balance sheet drives different needs. Similarly, wealth management needs change throughout a business owner's personal financial lifecycle. Whether you are actively growing your business or nearing a transition, you’ll get the tools and advice you need to develop a long-term personal wealth plan that considers and incorporates both your personal and business interests.

Cash Flow

We can help you manage your personal assets and liabilities, which for business owners can often be mingled together with those of the business. Whether it’s helping you deal with liquidity constraints, analyzing the impact of personal expenses being run through your business, helping to consolidate fragmented accounts, or assisting with short- or long-term investing – we understand that managing your overall personal and business cash flow is an important priority.


When you are focused on the everyday demands of operating your business, it is easy to put off the need to protect it and other assets. We can help you with ways to protect all of your assets including your business, because you never know when an unforeseen event could occur and impact all that you have worked to build.

Tax Management

No one wants to owe more in taxes than necessary, and focusing on tax management takes time. Inefficient or overlapping investments, impulse or reactive gifting, lack of any tax deferred accounts, and inefficient use of write-offs or carry forwards, can all lead to higher taxes. We will work with you and your accountant to ensure that your overall wealth management plan incorporates proactive tax management.1

Personal Retirement

An exit strategy and a retirement plan are two very different things. Often business owners do not have time to pay close attention to the arrangements of their retirement assets. Some have no retirement accounts, and some may have more than one housed at several different financial institutions. We can help you analyze your current accounts, as well as your future spending and cash flow needs in order to assist you with putting together a long-term retirement plan as part of your overall wealth management plan.

Succession Planning

There are three primary alternatives when you are ready to exit your business: family members take it over, employees or other business partners buy you out, or you sell it to outsiders. We'll work with you to understand the alternatives under each of these primary categories, not only for the legacy of your business, but also for the lifestyle you want after you transition to your next phase. We understand that as a business owner, this is one of the most important decisions you need to make, and we can help you every step of the way.

Group Retirement Plan Services, BancWest Investment Services*

An advisor from BancWest Investment Services, our affiliated broker/dealer and SEC Registered Investment Adviser, can assist you with many valuable services related to your employee group retirement plans. These services include:

  • Plan Analysis – Conducting a comprehensive review of plan services, vendors, investments, and fees.
  • Investment Review – Creating or updating Investment Policy Statement, monitoring plan investments, performing periodic investment reviews and documenting any investment changes.
  • Vendor Management – Assisting you in managing your vendors and recommending new vendors where appropriate. Conducting periodic vendor due diligence and benchmarking.
  • Education – Assisting you in understanding your responsibilities. In addition, educating your plan participants on investments and retirement readiness.

1Bank of the West and its various affiliates and subsidiaries are not tax or legal advisors.

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