Credit Cards

Bank of the West takes a priorities-based approach to Wealth Management. Our Wealth Management credit cards are just one of the ways we can help you use credit strategically as part of your overall wealth plan.

The Wealth Management World EliteTM MasterCard®

For Wealth Management clients, we offer the World EliteTM MasterCard®, with more value-added services than any other card with Bank of the West. Take a look at just a few of the unique benefits:

  • Higher limits – larger credit lines for our World EliteTM MasterCard® card customers.1
  • Robust rewards2 – a rewards program designed especially for our Wealth Management clients, including concierge service3 as well as points for travel, restaurants and more.
  • Trip cancellation insurance3 – ensure you’re covered for forfeited, nonrefundable and unused payments if your trip is interrupted or cancelled.
  • Emergency medical travel coverage3 – get coverage for expenses related to emergency transport in the event of injury or illness during your trip.
  • A complimentary additional card – add an authorized user to your account at no extra cost.

All this plus the standard benefits of any of our Bank of the West MasterCards makes our World EliteTM MasterCard® the smartest choice for our clients.

Looking for a smarter credit strategy? Wealth Management can help you use your credit more strategically. Learn more

1All credit subject to approval. Certain fees and restrictions may apply.

2Reward Points are awarded only on net, new purchases (purchases minus any returns or adjustments). Balance transfers, cash advances, convenience checks, ATM transactions, interest charges and any kind of fees charged to the account do not count as purchases. You can redeem Points as long as your account remains open and in good standing. Points have no value except when claimed by the cardholder for redeeming an award. Values of awards, Points required for an award, and awards offered may vary from time to time without notice. The Bank of the West Rewards Program is subject to the current Program Rules.

3Certain exclusions and limitations may apply. Refer to the MasterCard Guide to Benefits that will be provided with your card for complete program terms and conditions.

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