Make the Most of Your Money

Look for ways to earn higher interest on your deposits. If you haven't explored money market accounts, high yield savings and CD rates yet, do so.

You can identify places to cut spending by making a budget.

It's a good practice to evaluate the costs and benefits of reward features on your credit and debit cards by reviewing the terms and conditions of your account(s) in detail.

You can lower expenses associated with debt by paying down credit card obligations quickly. You can also use automatic payments to make sure you don’t miss any due dates for bills and loan payments.

How You Can Grow Your Savings

Create a budget based upon your average monthly income and expenses including the amount you want to save each month. Limit discretionary spending to a pre-determined, budgeted amount. If your budget doesn't allow for one more night out or another fancy coffee drink, then say no to these purchases.

Another great way to help grow your savings is to automatically deposit a pre-determined amount to your savings account each month, or better yet, make an automatic deposit every payday. If you find that there are excess funds in your checking account each month, take another look at your budget to see whether you can increase your automatic savings amount.

Stay In Control of Your Money

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Add Overdraft Programs

Find out how overdraft programs can help you stay on top of your day-to-day expenses.