We are the bank for a changing world.

We are the bank for a changing world.

While the 4 largest U.S. banks finance 30% of all fossil fuel expansion globally*, we're fundamentally different.

We are Sustainable

We have the strongest environmental stance of any major U.S. bank because of what we don't finance.

We are Diverse

Our CEO is among 2% of female bank CEOs globally**, and our leadership team is 30% female.

We are Global

As part of BNP Paribas, the impact of our sustainable finance policies spans 72 countries.

A sustainable supply chain for your business starts with your bank. About 90% of the money you deposit goes back into the world to finance things. So when your bank finances a sustainable planet, you do too.

Banks lend every $9 out of $10 that you deposit.
So where you put your money matters.

That's why our policies restrict financing for environmentally harmful activities.

Arctic Drilling

Drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic endangers one of our planet's most pristine wilderness areas. Catastrophic accidents like oil spills located under ice cover, can be impossible to fix. This is why Bank of the West does not finance oil and gas projects in the Arctic region.

Coal-Fired Power Generation

Coal-fired power plants release tons of carbon emissions, contributing largely to climate change. Ash from coal-fired power plants can also pollute natural environments, as well as contaminate drinking water. We've restricted our financing for coal to help transition to sustainable energy.

Fracking and Tar Sands

Fracking extracts oil and gas from deep within shale and other types of rock, and can poison or pollute water in those areas. Tar sands mining also inflicts immense environmental impact as two tons of tar sands must be mined to create enough gasoline to fill a single SUV gas tank.

Big Tobacco

About 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered every year, and can take many years to decompose. They are the most littered item on the planet and end up in 70% of seabirds and 30% of sea turtles. This is why we don't finance Big Tobacco.

Palm Oil

About 90% of the world's palm oil is harvested in Indonesia and Malaysia, where some companies clear-cut and burn away tropical forests to create room for oil palm plantations. This fuels climate change and contributes to deforestation, which also means the loss of natural habitat for vulnerable species.

Wood Pulp

Wood pulp is the raw material used to create paper products, but its production also has a significant environmental impact. Unsustainable operations can devastate forests, fuel climate change, and have negative effects on local communities.

As part of our commitment to the Paris Agreement, we have ceased financing for the most harmful forms of fossil fuel extraction.

While we can't divest overnight, we are actively working with energy companies to support their transition to renewable energy.

We are the only major bank member of

Bank of the West is driven by a fundamental belief in redefining banking for a better future. With our parent BNP Paribas, we are embracing diversity and taking action to support sustainable finance.

Nandita Bakhshi

President and CEO at Bank of the West

Awards & Recognition

"Bank of the West is actively supporting the changes we need to see in the world."

Most Powerful Women in Banking

"Bank of the West puts your money to work stopping climate change"

One of the best employers for women — 2019, 2020

One of the best employers for diversity — 2020

100% score best places to work for LGBT equality — 2019, 2020

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* Banking on Climate Change Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2020, Rainforest Action Network.

** Banking on Women Leaders: A Case for More?, International Monetary Fund

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