Classic Business Checking

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An account designed to service the everyday and long-term needs of an active business.

To speak with a Business Banker, call us at 1-888-789-2345, TTY 1-800-659-5495 Mon–Fri, 6a.m.–5p.m. PT

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Tools to help you grow

Key features include:

  • Up to $5,000 coin and currency deposited or furnished per month1
  • 150 transactions included per month2
  • Business debit card
  • Online tools to manage payments, cash flow and expenses
  • $5 overdraft fee buffer — no overdraft fees when your account is overdrawn by $5 or less3

To give your new account the right start, we'll waive the $25 monthly fee4 for the first two statement cycles. After that it can be waived when you:

  • Maintain a minimum daily balance of at least $5,000, OR
  • Maintain an average monthly combined balance of $15,000 in linked Business Money Market, Savings, or CD accounts5,6, OR
  • Have a Bank of the West Merchant Services account7 linked to your Classic Business Checking account, OR
  • Have a Bank of the West Business Credit Card account with the same primary owner as your Classic Business Checking account7

More convenience and control. All of our accounts come with essential tools to help you manage your business.

  • Online Banking & Bill Pay
  • Mobile Banking
  • Business Debit Card

We also offer Choice Business Checking with extra features: Compare accounts

Analyzed Business Checking

Meeting the unique needs of larger businesses

Businesses with more complex needs, such as automated payables and receivables, streamlined money management, and security controls, can count on us to provide customized solutions. Ask your banker if an Analyzed Business Checking account is right for you.

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Showing information for California

Legal information and Disclosures

1 Deposited or supplied coin and currency includes withdrawals, exchanges, and deposits less cash received. An Excess Cash Fee may apply when the Included Coin and Currency Limits are exceeded.

2 Transactions include all withdrawals, paid checks, transfers, debit card transactions, deposits, and each deposited item; excludes fees. An Excess Transaction Fee may apply for each transaction when the Included Transaction Limits are exceeded.

3 You will be charged an Overdraft Fee for an overdraft item paid if your account's daily ending Available Balance is overdrawn more than $5.

4 $100 minimum opening deposit required. For new accounts, we will waive the Monthly Service Charge for the first two statement cycles. The Monthly Service Charge and any applicable waivers will be assessed on the first business day of the statement cycle for the previous statement cycle's activity.

5 Business money market, savings, and CD accounts will be automatically linked to only one Classic Business Checking or Choice Business Checking account for the combined balance benefit. If you have multiple Classic Business Checking and/or Choice Business Checking accounts, you must tell us which checking account to link to each money market, savings, and CD account; account linkage will become effective up to two business days following the day selections are made. Any money market, savings, or CD account that is not linked to a checking account will not contribute to rebating any monthly service charge.

6 Business deposit accounts will be linked based on identical ownership on the accounts. If the business checking account has two owners, those same two individuals must be the owners of the business money market, savings, and/or CD account(s) in order for them to be linked.

7 Merchant Services offered by Elavon®. Elavon is not a Bank of the West affiliate. Bank of the West does not offer, control, or guarantee the services of Elavon and makes no representations or warranties regarding their services. Your Elavon Merchant Services must be set up through Bank of the West and settle to the Classic Business Checking account to waive the Monthly Service Charge. If you have more than one Business Credit Card account, you must tell us which one to link to the Classic Business Checking account to waive the Monthly Service Charge and the business entity named as the primary owner of the Business Credit Card must be the same as the Classic Business Checking Account. Only one Business Credit Card account benefit can be applied to a single Classic Business Checking account, regardless of how many Business Credit Card accounts or checking accounts you have. Loans and credit lines are subject to credit approval. Certain fees, conditions, and restrictions may apply. Merchant Services and Business Credit Card Monthly Service Charge waivers will become effective up to two business days following the day the Classic Business Checking account is opened or transferred.