Collect Payments Faster

Speed up receivables processing and help maximize cash flow – with our Receivables Management solutions.

Save time managing accounts receivables and make funds available faster with our:

  • DirectPay Manager
    Enhance your receivables, increase workflow efficiencies, and help reduce risk by giving your customers a variety of payment options — including ACH and card payments over the phone, online, or in person.

  • Lockbox/Remittance Banking
    If you receive payments by mail, we can help you reduce costs and improve cash flow with an efficient, cost-effective system. This process will streamline your payment collection and help reduce costs while reducing envelope handling, payment posting, and daily trips to the bank.

  • Electronic Payments
    Speed up your transactions with our Automated Clearing House (ACH) services. This paperless transaction solution allows you to electronically debit customers’ bank accounts on any date they specify.

  • Electronic Deposit Services
    All you need is a personal computer with internet access, a scanner, and software provided by Bank of the West to deposit checks electronically from any of your business locations across the U.S. And you’ll save time and money by eliminating paper, fuel, printing, and storage costs when checks are converted to electronic images.

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