Account View

Get the complete picture. With a single sign on, you have a consolidated, up-to-date view of all your Bank of the West accounts.

See all your business accounts on a single screen – with Account View.

Account view sample page.

With Account View, you can see:

  • Checking and savings account balances
  • Loan and credit card balances
  • Upcoming payments and transfers

You'll also see a comprehensive cash-in/cash-out picture of up to 18 months with a pie chart of spending by category to better plan cash flow needs.

Choose the view you prefer:

  • Combined Account View displays all your business account information on a single screen to simplify money management.
  • Business Loan View consolidates all your business loan and line of credit balance information, so you can track transactions conveniently in a single location.
Service is subject to Bank approval based on business' legal structure and account ownership.

Find out how our Account View can help simplify your finances by consolidating all your account information on a single screen.

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