Our Online Security Guarantee

How We Protect You

We protect you from liability for unauthorized use of your accounts in Online Banking.

Our Online Security Guarantee applies to consumer customers with personal accounts enrolled in Online Banking for:

  • Any unauthorized transactions on bankofthewest.com
  • If applicable, any overdraft or interest fees charged as a result of unauthorized transactions

If it is determined that there was unauthorized activity, we will provide 100% reimbursement of money taken from your accounts, if you assist us by taking the following steps:

  • Notify us within two (2) business days of learning of the unauthorized activity on your account and no later than 60 calendar days
  • Notify us of the unauthorized use of any "Online Banking Access Device" that may include:
    • Online Banking Login Credentials (Username or Password)
    • Personal Information that could be used to access your Online Banking profile including:
      • Debit card number, PIN and Bank of the West account number

And provided that:

  • You have not given your personal information such as Username or Password to anyone.
    • If you've shared this information, we will consider any transaction initiated by that person to be authorized unless you notified us, prior to the transaction(s) occurring.

If these conditions are not met, your liability for unauthorized electronic transfers will revert to the liability conditions provided in the Online Banking Service Agreement and/or the Deposit Account Disclosure for Personal Accounts, as applicable. Your liability will not be more than allowed by applicable law.

Our Online Security Guarantee does NOT cover:

  • Mobile transactions outside of bankofthewest.com
  • Business Accounts or Business Customers
  • Investment Services Accounts
  • Wire Transfers

To learn more on how you can help protect yourself, visit our Security Center page.

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Contact us to report:

Fraud or suspicious activity

  • Fraud or suspicious activity
    TTY 1-800-659-5495
  • Lost or stolen credit cards
  • Suspicious Bank of the West emails
    Contact Abuse

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