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If you are a Bank of the West customer, much of your personal information is already regulated by federal and state laws, and therefore exempt from the CCPA. When requesting to delete your personal information, we will not delete any information collected in connection with your use of our products or services.

CCPA requests are limited to personal information only. Any non-privacy requests should be directed through the Bank's ordinary contact channels. For more information on the data that may be requested, deleted, and/or corrected please see our CCPA disclosure here.
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The Bank will automatically search as far back as required by the CCPA (the longer of 12 months of January 1, 2022), you do not need to request an extended search.
When requesting to delete the personal information, we will not delete any information collected in connection with use of your products or services.
We will need to call you directly to identify the personal information you wish to correct. Please provide the best phone number for us to reach you at during business hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm PST. Please be prepared to provide the specific pieces of personal information that are inaccurate and in need of correction.
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