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San Francisco, Calif | Oct 1, 2011

At Bank of the West, we are committed to your security as you bank online. We are continuously looking for ways to strengthen the security of our site. By participating in industry roundtables, our security experts stay informed about the most recent malware and browser-based threats. We team up with online security leaders such as RSA, McAffee and Trusteer to help monitor and protect our online environment

While we continuously strive to improve security for our customers, we recognize that we cannot single-handedly protect our customers from online threats. Customers also have an important role to play in their own online banking security. Here are our top tips for conducting your online banking securely:

  1. Monitor your accounts regularly. Whether you prefer to review account activity online, through our mobile banking app, or using a paper statement, no one can detect suspicious activity on your accounts as well as you can. Notify us as soon as you become aware of suspicious transactions by calling (800) 488-2265 or emailing Your prompt notification will enable us to better work with you to prevent additional fraudulent activity and, if appropriate, to attempt to recover misappropriated funds.
  2. Secure your personal computer. Install anti-virus software and keep it up to date. Learn how to appropriately respond when your anti-virus software detects that your computer has been infected. It is possible that an incorrect decision could lead to greater security weakness. Bank of the West customers can download McAfee® Anti-Virus free of charge for 12 months.
  3. Secure your browser. Even the most effective anti-virus software cannot protect your computer with 100% effectiveness. Using a secure browser plug-in will reduce the risk of your account log-in credentials being intercepted by browser-based malware and spyware, which most anti-virus software does not detect. Download Trusteer Rapport for free today. Trusteer Rapport works to create a safe communication environment between Online Banking and your web browser, and helps prevent phishing by confirming that websites are safe.
  4. Use your browser's built-in security features, and review them regularly. It is important to understand the functionality and features of the web browser you use. Enabling some web browser features may lower security. Often, vendors will enable features by default to improve the computing experience, but these features may end up increasing the risk to the computer. Features may be re-set to default settings when the computer is re-booted, so be sure to your review settings regularly.
  5. Monitor your credit report. While you can request one (1) free credit per year from each of the three major credit bureaus, you can also enroll in a credit monitoring service such as ITAC* Sentinel® Plus, offered to Bank of the West customers for $12.99/month. ITAC Sentinel Plus provides you with credit monitoring from all three credit reporting bureaus, as well as credit card, debit card and social security number monitoring.
  6. Remain vigilant online. Just like you keep your eyes on your wallet, stay alert as you as you conduct banking online. It is easy to land at an imposter site which looks almost identical to your online banking log-in page. These sites are created to trick consumers into entering their online banking authentication credentials, which are saved and later used by criminals for unauthorized access bank accounts via online banking. Look for warning signs of phishing, such as poor-quality images or design (doesn't look quite right), mis-spelled words or poor grammar, or poor punctuation.
  7. Visit the Bank of the West Fraud Center to stay current. We've created a library of resources for you to learn about types of scams, tips for preventing fraud and current news from the Fraud Prevention, Fraud Investigations and Cyber Security teams at Bank of the West.

* Bank of the West and each of McAfee, Trusteer and ITAC are separate legal entities, which are not affiliated with each other in any way by common ownership, management, control or otherwise. The content, availability and processing accuracy of their web sites and products are the responsibility of each respective company. Bank of the West does not control or guarantee McAfee Anti-Virus Plus, Trusteer Rapport or ITAC Sentinel Plus; makes no representations or warranties; and assumes no responsibility concerning those products. Each of McAfee, Trusteer and ITAC is solely responsible for customer service support and the performance and maintenance of their respective products.

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