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Report fraud or suspicious activity
TTY 800-659-5495
Report a lost or stolen credit card

Report Fraud, Business Identity Theft and Suspicious Activity

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If you believe you are a victim of fraud:

Call Bank of the West Immediately

  • Fraudulent activity on Bank of the West account(s) or lost/stolen checks and debit ATM cards 1-800-488-2265

  • Fraudulent Bank of the West emails (phish) and websites (spoofed sites) You will get an automated confirmation email.

  • Lost/stolen credit cards or suspicious credit card transactions

If you suspect Business Identity Theft:

Contact Bank of the West

Contact us at 1-800-488-2265.

Immediately report any issue to the credit reporting agencies

Speak to the fraud department at each credit bureau. Compare the EIN of the hijacked business to the EIN of your business. Report any discrepancy to the credit reporting agencies.

  • Dun & Bradstreet: 1-800-234-3867

  • Equifax: 1-800-525-6285

  • Experian: 1-888-397-3742

  • TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289

File a report with your local law enforcement

File a report with your local law enforcement and retrieve an Identity Theft Report. Call your local police department and let them know that you want to file a report involving Business Identity Theft.

Contact the Bureau of Investigations

Contact the bureau of investigation for the state in which unauthorized use of your business- identity was perpetrated.

Contact your business creditors and billing companies

Contact your business creditors and billing companies, and notify them of the criminal activity perpetrated in the name of your business.

Contact creditors where the fraudulent accounts were opened, and request copies of all documentation used to open or access the account(s).

File a statement of correction with your state's Secretary of State

You may wish to include information in an attachment to the Statement of Correction that your business was the victim of identity theft.

Keep detailed records

Document all contacts and take notes about the conversations. Ask for names, department names, and phone extensions, and record the date you speak with each person.

Maintain detailed records of all actions you take so that you can create a paper trail, as this will be useful in the event you credit needs to be repaired.

Follow Up

Make sure creditors and credit reporting agencies receive everything they have requested. It is always a good idea to place a follow-up call or send a letter for confirmation.

Ongoing review all your accounts and credit report

Monitor your business' credit profile with major credit bureaus. Continue to review all charges and transactions appearing on your business account statements and online account activity.

Immediately report any discrepancies.

Check these resources for more information on business identity theft:

Report Fraud, Business Identity Theft or Suspicious Activity

If you believe you are the victim of fraud or business identity theft, call Bank of the West immediately at
TTY 800-659-5495

To report a lost or stolen credit card, call us at 1-800-996-2638.

If you've received a suspicious email, let us know by emailing us at:

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