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Educating Bank of the West Customers and Employees

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San Francisco, Calif | May 26, 2013

New Fraud in Brief Videos: a Modern Approach to Educating Bank of the West Customers and Employees

Fraud is a complicated, multi-faceted area where consumers and businesses need reliable and on-going awareness education on emerging fraud trends and on ways to avoid them. The best line of defense against fraud begins with you.

Bank of the West is committed to bringing you the latest fraud education through a series of new fraud awareness videos. In these videos, we explain some of the common tactics used by criminals and provide prevention tips on how to avoid them.

Never send money or give away your personal information. Fraudsters aggressively manipulate victims into sending or transferring money and providing personal account information to cover taxes, administrative fees and insurance. Steer clear, do not send a check, money order, wire or hand over your personal information to cover so-called taxes, insurance or administrative fees. Exposing this information gives fraudsters a free pass to begin making unauthorized transactions from your bank account or credit card. Providing personal information only heightens the risk of identity theft.

Our Fraud in Brief video series covers the following security topics:

  • Auction Fraud
  • Business Security Tips
  • Email Scams and Elder Abuse
  • Email Security Tips
  • Collections and Online Job Scams

The Fraud in Brief videos can be viewed by visiting this link:

To learn more about these and other types of fraud visit Bank of the West Security and Fraud Center:

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