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"Man in the Browser" Attacks

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San Francisco, Calif | Oct 1, 2011

As Financial Institutions strengthen their detection and prevention of phishing and email scams, fraudsters have found a new way to target customers via online banking websites.

'Man in the browser' attacks are designed to intercept HTML codes, Perpetrators act as a 'man in the browser' by intercepting HTML code in the Web browser. As bank security measures curb more traditional threats such as keystroke logging, phishing and pharming, instances of the 'man in the browser' attack will likely increase.

Once a user's PC is infected, the malicious code is only triggered when the user visits an online bank. The 'man in the browser' attack then retrieves information, such as logins and passwords, entered on a legitimate bank site. This personal data is sent directly to an FTP site to be stored, where it is sold to the highest bidder.

In response to this increased threat, Bank of the West is offering Trusteer Rapport to as a complimentary service to our customers. Once downloaded, Trusteer Rapport can be activated to help protect your credentials when you log in to online banking at, or any other online banking site.

Download Trusteer Rapport today.

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