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Educating Bank of the West Customers and Employees

San Francisco, CA | May 26, 2013

Fraud is a complicated, multi-faceted area where consumers and businesses need reliable and on-going awareness education on emerging fraud trends and on ways to avoid them.

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Consumer Alert - Foreign Lottery Scams

San Francisco, CA | February 06, 2013

"Congratulations, you're a winner! Claim your $600,000 cash prize today." It's hard to resist; the letter looks official. You were entered into a "foreign lottery."

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Mobile Banking Security

San Francisco, CA | March 30, 2012

Smartphones and other mobile devices have become ubiquitous tech accessories allowing us to connect to social media, access current events, read books, listen to music, play games and manage finances. If you participate in any of these activities, chances are you've used mobile apps. Mobile apps are software programs you download and access directly from your smartphone.

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Protect Your Finances During the Holidays

San Francisco, CA | November 18, 2011

With the Holiday Season quickly upon us, now is the time to take extra steps to protect your wallet and identity online and offline.

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Banking Safely Online

San Francisco, CA | October 1, 2011

By participating in industry roundtables, our security experts stay informed about the most recent malware and browser-based threats. Here are our 7 top tips for conducting your online banking safely.

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Securing Your Home Computer Network

San Francisco, CA | October 1, 2011

Securing your home network is an important step in protecting your computer against hacking and viruses.

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"Man in the Browser" Attacks

San Francisco, CA | October 1, 2011

As Financial Institutions strengthen their detection and prevention of phishing and email scams, fraudsters have found a new way to target customers via online banking websites.

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