#WECARE Bank of the West employees assist customers to avoid financial loss


Bankers in our L.A. North Region prevented a six figure loss.

A customer wanted to send a large wire to a savings account at another financial institution. Our banker noticed the account had recent large incoming wires. When questioned about the incoming funds, the individual became nervous, shaky and avoided answering questions. The individual left the branch stating they would go to the other bank to initiate the transfer. Our banker discovered that the incoming funds were fraudulent. Had the funds left the bank, the customer would have been liable for the outgoing funds. Asking questions, knowing our customers, and reviewing unusual activity is one way we help to protect our customers.


Bankers in our Southern AZ-NM Region, prevented a loss of several thousand dollars.

Our customer wanted to send a wire overseas. As this was out of character for the account, the banker asked about the transaction and learned the customer received a series of unusual phone calls allegedly from Amazon. After probing for additional information, it was determined this was a scam. We are proud of our team members who ask questions to protect our customers.