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Reporting Potential Misconduct or Wrongdoing

To report potential misconduct or wrongdoing at the Bank, you may access the Integrity Hotline by contacting Whistleblower Security, an independent third party vendor, through:

Post Office Box 41880, West Vancouver, BC V7T 4S4

Please know that the Bank takes your reports very seriously and does not engage in retaliation against anyone who has escalated a concern.

You may have heard about recent short message service (SMS) phishing, or “smishing” campaigns that use banking information to target victims. Smishing is a form of criminal activity using social engineering techniques and text messages. The text messages appear to originate from banks and have stated unauthorized activity was detected, a statement is available, or a debit/credit card was suspended. In order to avoid suspension victims will be requested to enter personal information by accessing a provided link, which is fraudulent. This activity makes consumers think their financial accounts may be compromised, and therefore follow the fake URL or call a fraudulent phone number even if they suspect it is a scam.

At Bank of the West the safety and security of your assets is our highest priority; we will never contact you via text message to request this type of information.

For more information about SMiShing, please visit our blog.

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