The best defense against fraud is you. Learn more about fraud and arm yourself with the knowledge to stay safe online.

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Commercial Fraud Center

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Authorities and industry experts agree that you are your own best protection against fraud. Bank of the West is pleased to provide you with information from industry leaders and links to additional great resources.

Business Email Compromise


General Fraud Prevention Tips

Learn about Business Email Compromise also known as Masquerading wire fraud and how to recognize it.

What is Business Email Compromise?

Prevention Tips

Versions of the Scam


Get important guidelines on how to develop a fraud prevention program for your organization.

Administration and Technology link.

Employees and Vendors link.


Online Fraud


Commercial Protection

Learn about some of the most common internet and email scams, and how to identify them.

Types of online fraud.

Internet scams.

Learn how to help protect your organization from online and email scams.

Internet  and email security tips.


Learn how to help protect your organization by making fraud prevention a priority.

Corporate account takeover prevention link.

Payment fraud prevention link.


How Bank of the West Protects Your Business Information


Bank of the West is committed to keeping your business information secure and confidential.

Online security.


Report Fraud or Suspicious Activity

If you believe you are the victim of fraud or suspicious activity, call Bank of the West immediately at 1-800-488-2265. TTY 800-659-5495

To report a lost or stolen credit card, call us at 1-800-996-2638.

IIf you've received a suspicious email, let us know by emailing us at:

Need more information on what to do in case of fraud?

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