Pay Your Bills Online

Paying your bills has never been so convenient.

Use our Bill Pay system to pay your bills quickly and securely.

With Online Bill Pay, you can make a payment to nearly any individual or company in the U.S. with just a few clicks, for free. Save the cost of a stamp for each payment you make, and know exactly when the amount will be withdrawn from your account. Plus, with the helpful Payment Center you can see all of your payment information at-a-glance and set reminders to help you stay on top of your payments.

Bill Pay Features

  • Email reminders help you keep on top of your payments and due dates
  • Automatic recurring payments for bills like your rent, mortgage or car payment let you set up a bill once and forget about it
  • Receive eBills from many major billers directly to Online Banking
  • Your money can stay in your account longer - Electronic payments are withdrawn from your account on the payment due date and check payments are withdrawn when Bank of the West receives the check for payment
  • Vendors can easily be added to your list of billers using pre-filled information from our extensive database
  • Same-day payments* are available for select bills, helping you avoid late fees for last minute payments
  • You can choose to send an Overnight Check* when your payment needs to be there by the next day
  • Pay bills from multiple checking accounts, and group your bills to help manage your payments and accounts
* Fees apply to expedited delivery options. A valid delivery address is required for Overnight Payments.