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Recommendation: Read this document carefully and print or download a copy for your records using your browser functionality.

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This Electronic Consent, along with the Online and Mobile Service Agreement together with any associated emails and documentation, whether provided electronically or on our Website, constitute the entire agreement concerning use of the Online and Mobile services made available ("Online and Mobile Service") by the registering individual, Enrollee and/or Business. As used in this Electronic Consent, the terms "Company," "us," "we," or "our" means Bank of the West, "BancWest Investment Services," or any affiliated entity that provides you with Online and Mobile services and any agent, independent contractor, designee, or assignee that we may, at our sole discretion, involve in the provision of the Online and Mobile Services; "Customer," "you" or "your" means: (1) an individual or entity that is an owner of an account, an Authorized Representative, or a party-in-interest to an account (such as a co-trustee of a trust account); (2) an individual authorized by an account owner or a party-in interest to view account information and/or effect transactions in an account.

By enrolling in the Online and Mobile Services product, you consent to receive Electronic Communications. "Electronic Communications" means (i) this Electronic Consent; (ii) the Online and Mobile Service Agreement; and (iii) any disclosures, agreements or other communications which we provide to you electronically concerning the Online and Mobile Services and/or each Account enrolled in the Online and Mobile Service, including, without limitation, Electronic Fund Transfer disclosures and any other disclosures required by law or regulation.

You further agree:

  • That access to and use of the Online and Mobile Service is available only if you accept this information electronically. You do not have the option to agree to this Electronic Consent or to the Online, Service Agreement by paper (non-electronic agreement) even though we agree to make a paper copy available to you.
  • That you may withdraw consent to receive Electronic Communications at any time; however doing so will terminate your ability to access or use the Online and Mobile Service.
  • Upon request, we will provide you with a paper version of agreed upon Electronic Communications. You will not be charged a fee for the paper version.
  • To maintain a current and valid e-mail address for your Online and Mobile Service. To do so, log in to Online Banking and click on the "Services" tab on the top navigation bar. Click on "Change email address" under Account Preferences
  • That if you want a paper version of any Electronic Communication, wish to withdraw your consent to receive Electronic Communications, or you wish to update the information needed to provide Electronic Communications to you, you must contact us by telephone at (800) 488-2265, by writing to Bank of the West, P.O. Box 2573, Omaha, NE 68103, or by e-mailing us at
  • In order to receive Electronic Communications and to optimize your use of the Online Service, you will need to use Internet Explorer®, Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox®. To receive an Electronic Communication from us by Mobile Device, your Device must be web-enabled and/or capable of receiving text messages. For best performance we recommend using a recent release of either browser. In order to keep copies of Electronic Communications, you will need to have access to a printer or have the ability to download information.
  • Each deposit account that is accessed through the Online and Mobile Service is subject to the Deposit Agreement, as amended from time to time. Each loan account that is accessed through the Online and Mobile Service is subject to the Credit Agreement, as amended from time to time. Each Investment Account that is accessed through the Online Service is subject to the BancWest Investment Services terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.