Overdraft Protection Options

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We know that with today's hectic schedules it's easy to lose track of your checking account balance. To help you avoid overdrafts and declined ATM or one-time Debit Card transactions, we offer the following options for your account.

Gold Line

Our Gold Line account provides a line of credit that advances funds to your checking account in increments of $50 to cover overdrafts. Total available overdraft coverage is determined by your credit limit, and credit is subject to approval (fees may apply).

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Savings Overdraft Protection1

Savings Overdraft Protection automatically transfers funds in increments of $50 from your savings or money market account to cover overdrafts on your checking account. Total available overdraft coverage is up to the available balance in your savings or money market account. Conditions and restrictions apply. Contact your local branch for all the details.

Use the chart below as a quick guide to our overdraft protection options and the specific transactions they cover:

Gold Line

Savings Overdraft Protection

What transactions it covers:

Checks, ATM withdrawals, ACH and automatic electronic payments, and recurring debit card transactions, other transactions using your checking account.2

Checks, recurring debit card transactions, ACH and automatic electronic payments presented at the end of each banking day.

Reasons to choose:

A great choice if you want protection for a wide range of transactions.

Select this option when you want overdraft coverage for the types of transactions listed above. Savings Overdraft Protection will not cover ATM withdrawals or one-time debit card transactions.

1 For business customers, this service is limited to sole proprietorship accounts.

2 The Gold Line Account will not advance funds to cover fees or charges assessed by the Bank. This may result in an overdraft on your checking account.