Purchase Protection and Fraud Monitoring Benefits

Shop with confidence knowing that your consumer Bank of the West debit and credit cards are automatically protected by SecureSuite purchase protection and fraud monitoring tools to help protect you and the purchases you make.

Fraud Protection:

Zero Liabilityfootnote1,footnote2

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are protected from unauthorized debit or credit card transactions you report in a timely manner.

24/7 Fraud Monitoring

We help protect you from fraud by monitoring your debit and credit card for suspicious activity around the clock.

ID Theft Protectionfootnote3

ID Theft Protection from Mastercard can provide help if you are ever the victim of fraud.

Mastercard Global Service:

Your Bank of the West consumer debit or credit card comes with Mastercard Global Servicefootnote3 to help with reporting a lost or stolen card, obtaining an emergency card replacement and answering questions on your account. Please see below for your specific product Guide to Benefits.

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