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Take control and build your credit

Take the first step toward achieving your financial goals with a Bank of the West Secured Mastercard®.

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Pricing terms and conditions

Here's how it works*

  • Choose a credit limit of $300 to $12,000 by making a deposit of that amount
  • Then, use the card just like any credit card.
  • Improve your credit score by making on time payments
  • Payoff and close the account at any time and get your deposit back
  • No credit history or minimum credit score needed to qualify
  • $25 annual fee
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Shop confidentially with SecureSuite protection

  •  Zero liabilityfootnote1 for unauthorized transactions
  •  24/7 fraud monitoring
  •  Identity theft resolution
  •  Emergency card replacement
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credit card mobile app

Manage your card securely, on the go

  •  Activate your card
  •  Pay your bills
  •  Freeze or unfreeze your card
  •  View statements
  •  Set alerts

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If you're looking to establish or rebuild credit, our secured card can help you get there.

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