A family matriarch was managing her family's foundation and family office for more than two decades. She realized that the time had come to begin working on a smooth transition of the responsibilities to younger members of the family.


We would begin by fully assessing the client's needs, documenting and evaluating the foundation's current practices, and the family office structure and capabilities. We would then assess its current tax and legal advisors, and understanding her values and work style. We then might implement the following solutions:

  • Consolidated management of the family's assets through the creation of investment LLCs that pool each branch of the family's assets into one investment vehicle
  • A dedicated online portal for the family to access key information anytime, anywhere
  • Comprehensive reporting that could be customized, and showed client-specific asset allocation categories
  • Comprehensive financial management that provides both a short- and long-term perspective on approaching financial planning for each member of the family
  • A comprehensive platform that could provide the family with administrative, financial and investment outsourced solutions
  • Financial education for the family's younger generation as they transition into leadership roles within the foundation
  • Specialized in-home support services that locate the right providers to work with the client in her home

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