Institutional Foundations

Institutional Foundations


A foundation’s Investment Committee (IC) and Director of Programs came to us seeking guidance on managing their investment portfolios. The IC wanted to align the foundation’s mission with its endowment’s investments, while program staff wanted to venture into program-related investments (PRIs).


After gaining a deep understanding of the foundation’s values, mission, and desired outcomes, we would work closely with the organization’s IC to draft a comprehensive investment policy statement (IPS) that clearly detailed a customized plan for selecting the appropriate investment vehicles that would allow the foundation to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities while meeting its cash-flow requirements.

To the extent the IC was challenged by short-term program implementation and performance monitoring, we could take over the day-to-day tactical investing and performance execution—allowing executive staff to focus on policy and long-term goals.

Once the IPS was in place and the needs of the IC were met, we could assist the foundation with implementing its first PRIs. The IPS would guide our work with the executive committee, identifying investments that aligned both the mission of the foundation and its investment guidelines.

We would strive to make investment and program strategy recommendations that helped the foundation further its mission and complement its existing grantmaking portfolio. In tandem, we could also oversee compliance requirements for PRIs and assist with establishing performance metrics to help the foundation measure the impact of its investments.

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