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Optimize cash flow with tailored payables solutions

Whatever your payables needs look like today — or down the road — we’ve got you covered. Our broad array of payment methods and initiation channels are highly customizable to help ensure payments are delivered securely and efficiently, time after time.

Electronic Payments

Initiate Real Time Payments, ACH payments, and domestic and international wire transfers via the payment channel of your choice, including our intuitive TreasuryNow online platform.

Integrated Solutions

Conveniently initiate ACH, wire, check and card payments directly from your accounting system in a few easy steps and we'll send automated acknowledgements with vital detailsfootnote1

Check Printing

Streamline payments by sending us your specifications and remittance information, and we'll print checks and mail them to the payees of your choice.

Controlled Disbursement

Improve cash forecasting and help eliminate idle cash balances thanks to early morning notification of check totals to be debited from your account at end-of-day.
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Commercial Cards

Maximize your cash flow, increase payment float, and decrease processing costs by putting our suite of card payment solutions to workfootnote2

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V-Payo and ePayables

Increase payment float, reduce reconciliation issues, and help mitigate fraud risk with our Exact Pay feature. Plus streamline operations and support payment methods such as ACH and check.
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Robust fraud prevention at every turn

  • Check fraud verification. Verify incoming checks against a list of previously authorized checks with Positive Pay and Payee Positive Pay — and help mitigate fraud risk with Reverse Positive Pay — all via the TreasuryNow platform.
  • ACH fraud protection. Help prevent fraudulent attacks on ACH payments with ACH Blocks and ACH Filters that block and limit suspicious debits, plus get automated debit and credit notifications with ACH Positive Payfootnote3.
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