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Bring treasury reporting front and center

When it comes to access to timely, accurate treasury data — there's no room for settling. Our robust reporting solutions are designed to help you track domestic and international treasury operations, initiate transactions, download detailed reports, and reconcile finances — all via a secure banking environment.


Experience innovative, intuitive, and centralized treasury management with the transformative banking platform that delivers a higher level of visibility and control over payments and daily cash flow.

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Connexis® Cashfootnote1

Gain a consolidated view into accounts and securely manage your global cash positions from a single online platform that features a full range of reporting and workflow optimization services.

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Access all of your banks with one centralized communication solution that integrates with existing ERP systems to support a broad range of payment and collection instruments.
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Account Reconcilement

Streamline treasury tasks, increase audit control, and reduce processing costs with a flexible service that supports full and partial reconcilement and a variety of input, output, and reporting options.
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Image Services

Simplify management of paid and deposited checks, reduce costly paper check storage, and get a seven-year secure archive of check images with ImageExpress Online.
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