Syndicated loan

The seasoned expertise of our Syndications team and the global footprint of our parent company, BNP Paribas1, help us arrange the deal your business requires.

Leveraging our strong and diverse network of financial institutions, we can help you raise capital by coordinating a syndicated deal for your business—saving you the cost and time of approaching multiple lenders individually.

Customized syndicated loan solutions

We offer a range of commercial and industrial, real estate and agribusiness debt products, including revolving credits, acquisition finance, terms loans, bridge loans, construction loans, and asset-based loans.2

Investment banking services for your business

We can refer you to our parent company, BNP Paribas, for investment banking products and services such as institutional term loans, public bonds, private placement notes, equity capital markets or rating advisory services.3

Why work with us

Greater flexibility in structure and pricing.

Your syndicated loan will be designed to meet the specific needs of your business under one agreement with generally lower pricing over multiple arrangements.2

Valuable market intelligence.

Receive insights and expertise on debt markets through our relationships with other financial institutions.

Convenience and efficiency.

Communicate with a single point of contact that manages your lending group to help meet all of your borrowing needs.

Financing the acquisition of Duckhorn Wine Company

Bank of the West’s Commercial Banking Group led the syndication for the financing of the acquisition of Duckhorn Wine Company (DWC) by the strategic equity investor, TSG Consumer Partners, LLC. The transaction encompasses all six DWC wineries, their corresponding properties, and estate vineyard holdings spanning more than 600 acres.4

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