International Cash Management

Bank of the West is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Group and is the Cash Management provider to our multinational clients in the US. We help our clients tap into an expansive global network and International Cash Management services to help US-based, mid-sized and large companies set up effective treasury management solutions around the world.

Global Capabilities

Achieve your international treasury goals and seamlessly partner with a global bank. Visit One Bank for Corporates for more information on our specialized team of bankers dedicated solely to the success and growth of our international clients . Through One Bank for Corporates, Bank of the West serves the financial needs of local and multinational corporations based anywhere in the US.

At Bank of the West we are uniquely positioned to provide corporates worldwide with an extensive range of Cash Management products and services to meet your business needs.

Cash management and liquidity solutions1

Optimize your payment flows with tailored payables solutions to help ensure fast, precise, and secure2 delivery of local and international payments.

Transform your traditional approach to collections with our full suite of receivables solutions to help expedite funds availability, minimize exceptions and curb time-consuming manual processing efforts.

Electronic banking and information reporting
Easily and securely2 control your business activities.

  • Connexis® Cash — a global online platform that provides a consolidated view of your accounts and enables you to manage your global position.
  • SWIFTNet® for Corporates, a multi-bank and multi-country network providing secure2 communication with all of your banks worldwide using a standard communication solution.

Liquidity management
Providing automated solutions to manage liquidity across accounts, entities, and borders, while achieving visibility and control over cash at a regional and global level.

Fraud protection
Help protect your accounts with a comprehensive suite of Fraud Prevention  products, including ACH Blocks & Filters, ACH Positive Pay and Positive Pay for checks.

Global cash management tools

BNP Paribas Cash Management

Learn more about our international network and global treasury offering through BNP Paribas Cash Management website.

BNP Paribas Atlas

Discover in-depth information on Cash Management and Trade Finance across 60 countries worldwide.

BNP Paribas Currency Guide

Designed for organizations of all sizes and profiles, the BNP Paribas Currency Guide helps manage the uncertainty and complexity of making international payments.

Cash Management Customer Service

Mon–Fri, 6am–5pm PT
TTY 1-800-487-1443


Legal information and Disclosures

1 Accessibility and restrictions may apply to some products and services not available in all jurisdictions or to all clients and are subject to change without notice.

2 Cash Management and Liquidity solutions are secured to the extent that you maintain control and responsibility as defined in the Terms and Conditions agreement including the use of reasonable efforts to protect and secure the items, hardware, software and documentation.