Online and FX Settlement

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We trade in virtually every currency around the world.

In today's fast-pace environment, up to date market information is essential for maximizing profitability. Our web-based service, eFX, works with our foreign exchange trading system to provide you with real-time executable quotes. You can trade online knowing that you have up-to-date current market information. eFX provides you with real-time prices of all major and exotic currencies. Additionally, eFX offers:

Quotes: request real-time executable Spot, Forward, and SWAP quotes.

Contracts: after accepting a quote, the Bank's trading system adds a contract using the trade parameters & quoted price and assigns a unique contract number.

Payment Instructions: add payment instructions (either free-format or by selecting a pre-populated template) indicating where to send or deposit the purchased funds and how the customer will pay for the funds.

Drawdowns: add drawdown contracts, which allow users to reduce the amount of the original contract and add a new contract with the drawdown amount using the same FX rate and value date.