Prequalifying for a Loan

You serve beyond the scope of a religious institution. We serve you beyond the scope of a bank.

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Bank of the West is pleased to have the opportunity to offer its financial services to your congregation. Upon receipt of the information listed below, Bank of the West will make a preliminary evaluation of the religious institution's borrowing capacity under our program guidelines.

  • A brief description of your loan request: amount, purpose, etc.
  • Financial statements for the last 3 fiscal years. The financial statements should include balance sheets, income/expense statements and any supporting exhibits. NOTE: The statements should reflect all operations including day care, school, etc. In the event such operations are separately incorporated, similar information may also need to be provided for those entities.
  • Interim financial statement (balance sheet and income statement) for a current year-to-date period.
  • Six months of most recent account analysis and/or bank statements.
  • Average weekly adult worship attendance1 for each of the last 3 years. This number should include only the primary worship service(s).
  • Current and proposed (if applicable), seating capacity of sanctuary.
  • Number of worship services per week.
  • Religious institution's top 15 donors for the fiscal year ending 2007. Please enumerate or provide the initials of the donor and the total amount that donor gave in the year.
  • Describe any existing or planned capital pledge campaigns. Include the start (or anticipated start) date, end date, purpose of the campaign, the target or actual amount of gross pledges, the total amount collected to date, and the name of the professional fund raiser if one was used. It is also helpful to provide similar information on prior campaigns.
  • If loan funds are for a construction project, please provide a brief description of the project including target dates, anticipated costs and means of funding such. Click here for the Sources and Uses form to use as a guide. In addition to hard construction costs, be sure to indicate any items that may have already been paid such as land costs and architectural fees. Soft costs such as furniture, fixtures, equipment and landscaping should also be included.
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws if readily available.
1 If AAWA is not applicable, please include information regarding demonstrated donor base.