Other Services

You serve beyond the scope of a religious institution. We serve you beyond the scope of a bank.

Let our team help you with your project

As a full service bank, we can provide you with a wide variety of services in addition to our loans. Because we understand the nuances of your industry, our products and services are designed to fit your distinct business needs.

Cash Management

We offer a comprehensive array of cash management services to help manage your resources and maximize your assets. You'll find our client-focused service model to be among the most responsive and flexible in the banking industry, and our technology to be among the most advanced. Our services are designed to simplify and streamline all your cash management needs by allowing you to:

  • Efficiently meet your collection, disbursement and information-reporting functions
  • Our WebDirect online banking service saves time and money by allowing your religious institution to easily manage and monitor finances anywhere any time.
  • Take advantage of investment opportunities
  • Eliminate idle balances
  • Increase working capital

Deposit and Investment Services

We have all the services you need to improve cash flow and increase efficiency. We will be happy to discuss with you how Bank of the West can provide complete banking services for your religious institution.

Electronic Giving

Make it easy for your members to donate electronically, right on your premises, with a giving kiosk from Bank of the West. Tap into the power of electronic payments, and experience the following advantages:

  • Members won't miss a donation because they are short on cash, or their checkbook is at home.
  • Accept debit and credit cards on your premises, where members are most likely to give generously.
  • Using our simple touch-screen interface, donors can direct contributions to multiple designations custom designed for your religious institution (i.e. General Fund, Capital Pledge, missions, etc.).
  • Members will receive a receipt when they donate, simplifying tax reporting.

Electronic Deposit Service

Electronic Deposit Service is the fast, secure way to deposit your paper checks electronically - straight from your PC using a desktop scanner and software provided by Bank of the West.

Equipment Financing

Over the past 30 years, Bank of the West has built a reputation as one of the best Equipment Financing sources nationwide. We have assisted numerous religious institutions in obtaining funding for audio/visual, telecommunications, computers, transportation, furniture and much, much more.