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Bank of the West is a national leader in Religious Lending. Our leadership reflects our continuing commitment to provide the religious community with the financing necessary to support its organizations. We know that more and more, religious institutions not only minister to people's spiritual needs, but also to educating, counseling, feeding and sheltering those in need. We support the changing role of the religious institution in today's community. That is why we actively participate in several annual religious institution conventions and conferences.

We offer workshops and seminars to educate and inform pastoral leaders of their options and choices. We sponsor numerous conventions as a way of extending our knowledge, commitment, strength, stability and leadership.

Bank of the West is more than a financial institution. We understand religious organizations and we know how you operate. Our mission is to assist the religious community, and offer our tradition of excellence.

Please look for our exhibit booth at conventions across the country. For information on conventions or workshops where Bank of the West will have representatives, please contact us at 800.405.2327


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