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At Bank of the West, we take great pride in providing you a dedicated banking division specializing in the nursery and greenhouse industries. Our bankers dedicated to these industries have worked almost exclusively with nursery and greenhouse growers throughout their careers and have a combined 75 years of experience. With our experience and breadth of knowledge, we often prove to be an excellent industry resource and trusted financial provider for our customers.

Bank of the West can begin developing a plan to help meet the financial needs of your nursery or greenhouse business. We offer an array of beneficial services ranging from construction and real estate loans, equipment financing and leasing, to cash management and treasury management. We work hard to ensure our first handshake is only the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Nursery Development Loans

Expanding a container or tree nursery can often entail expenses that give little or no added value to your real estate. To achieve the most from your development plans, we can provide specialized knowledge of your industry and the ability to offer flexible financing repayment terms. Bank of the West is one of the few financial institutions that have interest-only loan options available during the developmental phase of your project to ensure optimal cash flow for your business.

Greenhouse Construction Loans

Our expertise enables us to customize loans to support new greenhouse construction to further your success. We understand the rising costs of construction and the impact of repayment on your cash flow. We also understand the effect of seasonality on your repayment terms and the efficiencies and increased sales opportunities gained from new construction. Our goal is to provide a loan solution that works best for your business.

Lines of Credit

To help bridge any unexpected cash flow needs, we can provide short-term credit lines to finance peak seasonal investments that may affect your accounts receivable and inventory. Our goal is to work with you in a results-oriented manner to consider financing higher levels of inventory to support your sales growth opportunities.

Equipment Financing and Leasing

Consistently in the market for over 30 years, Bank of the West is one of the nation's premier equipment financing and leasing sources. Our depth of experience allows us to custom-tailor financing or leasing solutions that best fits the needs of your business. We can help you finance or lease just about any kind of specialized equipment, including transplanters, pot fillers, bench systems, watering booms, ECHOS and rolling stock.

Real Estate Loans

Whether acquiring additional acreage, expanding facilities or refinancing the existing loan on your property, we can provide you with flexible financing options tailored to your cash flow needs.

Cash Management Services

We can provide you with innovative cash management solutions to help you better manage your business, take advantage of investment opportunities, reduce interest expense and put idle cash balances to work for you.

Treasury Management

Since interest rate risk-tolerance levels range broadly, so do our customized solutions. We can provide you with interest rate hedging products that can reduce the risk of fluctuating interest rates and help you to stabilize cash flow. We can also offer specialized products to hedge and protect against rapid or sizable changes in commodity prices, and provide a wide variety of solutions to put your short-term capital to work.