Term Loans & Working Capital

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Commercial term loans are generally longer-term instruments best suited, from a capital management perspective, to support expansion initiatives. From plant expansion to market development, or for possible acquisitions, your relationship manager will work with you to structure the financing to help get your plans off the drawing board and into motion.

Short- to Mid-term Commercial Loans:

Working Capital Lines

Short-term instruments to stabilize cash flow or bridge the gap until expected proceeds from receivables are received.

Asset-based Lines

Short- to mid-term instruments to support growth or seasonal needs. Asset-based financing is most suited to the company that has built an asset base to support a line of credit. It can be collateralized by a combination of eligible accounts receivable and inventory.

Commercial Lines of Credit

  • Timely credit approval and flexible payment options on a range of credit lines
  • Standby Letter of Credit to support import/export activity
  • Suite of credit card products to meet the needs of businesses of every size

Real Estate-secured Financing

Supports the purchase of owner-occupied real estate or allows you to access the equity in your real estate holdings to finance your growth.

Equipment Financing

To support your need for added capacity, financing facilities can range from a simple term loan for the purchase of new equipment to a longer-term strategy that allows you to modernize your existing equipment. We also offer a comprehensive range of equipment financing programs.

Acquisition Financing

Provide senior debt to support the expansion of your business through acquisitions. Your relationship manager first takes the time to understand your business's unique financial structure, as well as your near- and long-term goals. In this way we can craft the right structure of short- to long-term credit solutions to support your business as it progresses from one stage of growth to the next.