Indirect Equipment Financing

Our network delivers access to our great service.

Local and regional contacts.

We provide competitive rates and a broad range of products and programs for most equipment types. This allows the lessors or brokers we support to offer a variety of attractive funding options.

We are looking to establish relationships with experienced lessors or brokers with a proven track record of funding quality transactions. 

Our Products Include 

  • Application Only up to $150,000 
  • Financial Statement programs up to $5 million 
  • Specialty "application only" programs for medical and agriculture equipment at "financial statement" rates 
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Finance leases with $1 buyout or fixed residuals 
  • Equipment Finance Agreements (EFAs) - fully amortized or with balloon payments 
  • Tax-oriented leases 
  • Tax-exempt leases for municipalities and other qualified government entities 
  • Progress payments to qualified vendors