Purchasing Cards

Custom tailored to fit your needs.

Dedicated Commercial Card support

Better expense control

Expense monitoring

Online access

Our Purchasing Card can save your Accounts Payable staff time and save you money. You can reduce paper-handling costs, eliminate the need for costly reconciliation efforts, data entry and issuance of company checks, while increasing your float up to 60 days.

Available as an upgrade to our Corporate Card program, the Purchasing Card program can also be used to control purchases for each employee, block merchants, and limit the number of transactions in a given period or the maximum dollar amount per transaction. For example, sales staff can be authorized to use the card at travel and entertainment venues, while purchasing staff may be restricted to office supplies. The choice is yours. Commercial Card Online is also available for Purchasing Cards.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dedicated Commercial Card support
  • 24-Hour customer service for Cardholders
  • Online access with comprehensive
  • Web-based reporting tools
  • Electronic statements
  • Corporate billing or individual billing with corporate pay option
  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) blocking Single purchase limits
  • Limits on number of transaction (day/week/month)
  • Limits on total $ amount (day/week/month)
  • Capture and export data to accounting, ERP, expense management systems
  • Attractive payment terms with extended grace periods up to 25 days
  • Purchase assurance & extended warranty
  • Employee liability fraud insurance
  • Department Card optional
  • Ghost Account optional
  • Lodge Card optional
  • Meeting / Event Card optional
  • Canadian denominated card optional
  • Optional cash advances at over 1 million ATM worldwide
  • Comprehensive financial incentives:
    • Rebates
    • Travel rewards
    • Fee waivers

MasterCard Purchasing Card Supplier Directory

Access directory to identify suppliers capable of providing higher levels of data with each transaction. This data includes sales tax, project code, supplier address, item description, quantity, etc.