Electronic Deposit Service

Control your

deposit process.

Dedicated cash management experts

Competitive, customized products and services

Save money and reduce trips to the bank with Bank of the West's Electronic Deposit Service. Deposit your checks without leaving your office–all you need is a PC with Internet connection, a desktop scanner, and software provided by Bank of the West.

Enhance Security 

Provides better oversight for your deposit transactions, because the checks never leave your office.

Improve Your Cash Flow 

Put your money to work faster. You'll have a later deposit cut-off time, which increases your ability to receive same-day ledger credit. 

Integrate Your Receivables System 

Import detailed check information into your Accounts Receivable System or explore the QuickBooks® software plug in.

Go Green

Use Electronic Deposit Service to streamline your business and support a greener environment in the process. You'll save paper, fuel, printing and storage costs by converting your checks to electronic images.