Fixed Income Sales

Long-term benefits for

your short-term capital.

Our Fixed Income products seek to preserve capital, liquidity, and competitive yields with maturities ranging from overnight to 30 years.

Let Bank of the West's Fixed Income team put your capital to work for you. We provide a wide variety of deposits and investments to preserve capital while maintaining liquidity and flexibility.

Specializing in high quality investments and Bank of the West's own highly rated bank deposits, our Fixed Income team can help you make the most of your capital through investments with maturities from overnight to 30 years. All while offering highly competitive yields.

Personalized Service

We offer a personalized approach, so your investment choices can be based on your specific portfolio guidelines, interest rate views and cash-flow forecasts, as well as your liquidity needs and yield expectations.

Our Fixed Income Capital Market experts serve the needs of:

  • Corporations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Organizations

Our Capital Market product suite is structured to deliver a wide array of flexible options.

U.S. Treasury Securities

Bills, Notes and Bonds with direct obligations of the U.S. government. These securities have maturities ranging from one week or less to 30 years.

U.S. Agency Securities

Debt obligations of U.S. government departments and agencies. Some carry the full faith and credit backing of the U.S. government while others are only backed by the issuer. These securities can be issued with maturities of one day to 30 years. While frequently highly liquid, yields are historically greater than those of comparable maturity U.S. Treasury securities.

Corporate Bonds

Bonds are issued by corporations to raise money typically in order to expand its business or refinance outstanding liabilities. The debt of these corporations is issued by industrial, financial and service companies. Investors are offered a wide range of choices when it comes to structure, rate of return and credit quality.

Bank of the West Money Market Savings Account

Interest bearing bank deposit for deposits of $250,000 or more. This account may be covered by the FDIC insurance and has monthly transaction limits.

Negotiable Certificates of Deposit

Typically issued for large deposits of $500,000 or more, these deposits are available with maturities in the range of one week to five years.

Commercial Paper

Unsecured promissory notes issued by industrial corporations, finance companies, and bank holding companies. These securities have maturities ranging from one to 270 days. Issuers have the capability to prepay these obligations prior to maturity at current market rates.

Repurchase Agreements

These short-term investment transactions are securities in which a U.S. Treasury or Agency security is sold to the customer with a simultaneous agreement to buy it back (repurchase) within one to 90 days at the same price, plus interest.

Municipal Securities

Debt obligations of states, cities, and municipal entities with maturities from one week to 30 years. Interest may be exempt from federal, state, and local income tax, depending upon the issuing entity, and bondholder's state of residence.

Safekeeping Services

Designed to protect securities, this service gives you online access to your portfolio and an easy-to-read statement of your account.