Credit Cards

Used wisely, a credit card can help you manage your budget, get great rewards, and provide financial flexibility wherever life takes you. Explore the options we offer at Bank of the West and see which one fits you best*.

Standard MasterCard® Credit Card

Enjoy competitive rates and great service with our Standard MasterCard® Credit Card.

Standard MasterCard

Platinum MasterCard® Credit Card

In addition to low rates and great service, our Platinum MasterCard® Credit Card includes a variety of additional platinum benefits, such as travel insurance and emergency road services.

Platinum MasterCard

Platinum Rewards MasterCard® Credit Card

With our Platinum Rewards MasterCard® Credit Card, you can get points on qualifying purchases and claim and redeem points for great rewards like travel, gift cards, cash rebates and more*.

Platinum Rewards

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* Credit cards subject to credit approval. Certain fees and restrictions may apply. Points have no value except when claimed by the cardholder for redeeming an award. Values of awards, points required for an award, and awards offered may vary from time to time without notice. The Bank of the West Rewards Program is subject to the current Program Rules.

Get to know your credit options.

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Be Careful with Cash Advances

Getting a cash advance from your credit card can be a useful benefit. However, make sure you understand the cash advance terms on your account. They are often different than regular purchases.

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