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Fraud protection you can trust. Rapport works hard to keep your WebDirect business transactions safe and secure.


Online Threats

Trusteer Rapport helps protect your WebDirect transactions from two of the most prevalent online threats: malware and phishing.

Malware is software that is unknowingly downloaded while browsing the web and can be used to obtain login credentials. Trusteer Rapport online fraud protection software locks all communication between your browser and WebDirect to help prevent any external forces from reaching your account.

Phishing is an illegal process of creating a fraudulent website in order to acquire a user's login credentials. Trusteer Rapport helps prevent phishing by verifying that your browser is connected to our secure WebDirect site before you enter any login information.

Computer Security

Anti-virus and other computer security tools are important. However, they do not protect your web browser, which is the communication link between your computer and WebDirect. Trusteer Rapport adds an additional layer of security by safeguarding your web browser while you surf the Internet and bank online.

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