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Our clients share our vision for a better tomorrow

Hear from our clients who moved to Bank of the West because they wanted a bank that believed in the same things they did. Now, they are quickly finding out how their switch is accelerating their sustainable impact. Read their stories to learn more.

Apparel Impact Institute
A fashionable approach to environmental change
American Alpine Club
Our job is to inspire climbers to do more.
Campfire Coffee
We know that diversity and representation are so important.
Los Padres ForestWatch
We want people to appreciate public lands.
Women Power Our Planet
Channeling women’s financial power.
Food at First
Our mission is to feed people and recycle food.
Boreas Camper
We wanted to build a better camper.
One Heart Worldwide
A mission to make sure all women have access to a skilled and safe delivery.
The Mighty Bin
A zero-waste grocery store in San Diego set to offer local organic products, personal care items, and household goods.
A unique sustainable fashion brand.
Nadi Marketing
Making a positive impact on the planet supporting Eco-Business owners and entrepreneurs.

Dedicated to stopping plastic pollution in the oceans.

Cleantech San Diego
This is the Way of the Future.
Vegan Fashion Week
A Conversation That is Elevating the Fashion Industry
World of Powerful Youth
How can we get the youth more involved.
Golden State Guiding
Sharing A Passion for the Outdoors
Helping Cleantech Overcome Barriers
Single Mom Strong
We Are Your Village
Ice Axe Expeditions
All My Trips Have a Purpose
Sustainable Ocean Alliance
I Wanted to Save the Ocean

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