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Bank of the West Unveils Newly-Redesigned Online Banking Services
San Francisco | May 28, 2015

Clean, Simple Design and At-The-Ready Budgeting Tools Make Keeping Tabs on Finances Easy

Bank of the West today announced that it has redesigned its online banking platform to create a simple and easy-to-use experience for its personal and business customers. The entire infrastructure of Bank of the West's online banking platform has been revamped from front-end to back-end to ensure a customer-friendly site now and in the future.

Redesigned based on user testing, the website ensures that the online user experience is intuitive. With a cleaner layout, features and services are organized in readily-accessible navigation menus. The new online banking website is also tablet-friendly, allowing customers to efficiently access their finances whether on the couch or on the go.

The online banking landing page provides an at-a-glance account overview, highlighting key information and ensuring that financial management tools are readily accessible. The landing page displays account balances, upcoming payments and transfers, and customers' spending breakdown, so they can more easily view and adjust purchasing habits to stay within budget. Designed with efficiency in mind, customers can quickly navigate the website to cross off financial to-dos, such as paying bills, transferring funds and viewing recent credit card and debit card transactions.

“Online Banking is an important channel for our customers. These updates to our online banking platform are a reflection of Bank of the West's commitment to helping our customers keep tabs on their finances,” said Jamie Armistead, executive vice president of Digital Channels at Bank of the West. “Tools featured prominently on the landing page—such as the ability to automatically track, edit and view spending by category and the option to create a budget and set up budget alerts—make it easy for customers to keep their finances in check.”

The revamped website provides Bank of the West customers with access to user-friendly features, such as:

  • Make Secure Payments & Transfers: Now faster than ever – four ways to move money, including Quick Pay, allows users to pay other people or bills; and, with Quick Transfers, they may transfer money between their own Bank of the West accounts and to or from other U.S. financial institutions.

  • View Upcoming Transactions: After logging in, customers can view a snapshot of payments that are scheduled to take place and upcoming account transfers, ensuring customers are aware of their financial inflows and outflows.

  • Customize Payment Labels: Customers can tailor their experience, monitoring spending in a way that makes sense for each individual by assigning nicknames to payments. This makes categorization of spending easier for tax or accounting purposes.

  • Keep Your Budget in Check: A “My Spending” area on the landing page is dedicated to displaying customer spending and allowing you to compare budgets month-to-month. The colorful pie chart automatically provides a visual summary of spending expenses by category (e.g. groceries, entertainment, rent and mortgage, etc.), helping customers recognize where they may need to cut back. Customers may also custom edit spending categorization.

  • Manage Finances on the Go: With mobile budget alerts, customers can keep track of their spending when they are away from their computer or tablet.

“When making changes to our online banking platform, we aimed to deliver an experience that is consistent page-to-page and device-to-device, while encouraging customers to utilize all of our handy tools for managing your finances,” said Vivian Yeung, head of Online Banking and Payments at Bank of the West. “Our mantra is design, test, iterate. By seeking customer feedback early and often, we can continuously evaluate and improve our online banking services.”

The online banking redesign comes on the heels of other recent innovations in Bank of the West’s online and mobile banking offerings. Earlier this year, Bank of the West launched Scan to Pay, one of the first, most accurate and easiest mobile bill payment features in the U.S. At Bank of the West digital banking has long been a vehicle for innovation, including the industry-first launch of Quick Balance, which allows mobile customers to keep tabs on account balances without logging in. Bank of the West utilizes Corillian Online® from Fiserv for its online banking platform and MobilitiTM from Fiserv for its mobile banking platform.

About Bank of the West:
Bank of the West is a regional financial services company chartered in California and headquartered in San Francisco with $71.7 billion in assets. Founded in 1874, Bank of the West provides a wide range of personal, commercial, wealth management and international banking services through more than 600 offices in 22 states and digital channels. Bank of the West is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, which has a presence in 75 countries with 185,000 employees.


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