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Bank of the West is Live on the RTP® Network
Anyone holding a deposit account with Bank of the West can now receive funds in real time

San Francisco, CA

Bank of the West, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, today announced it is live on the RTP® network, the payments network operated by The Clearing House that clears and settles consumer and business payments in real time.  Now, anyone holding a deposit account with the bank can receive funds within seconds. For commercial clients, these incoming funds will simultaneously reflect in their electronic cash-management balance reporting, offering traceability and transparency.

"Today, business moves in real-time and corporate clients expect banks to keep pace," said Meghan Leader, Executive Vice President, Head of Treasury Solutions, Corporate and Commercial Banking at Bank of the West. "We are excited to join the RTP network to provide our customers greater control over their cash position and an improved experience. As a co-owner of The Clearing House, this also demonstrates our support towards increasing the adoption and ubiquity of real-time payments."

The RTP network is the first clearing and settlement network to be launched in the US payments landscape since the Automated Clearing House (ACH) was created more than 40 years ago. It has been built by The Clearing House, a nationwide collective of 24 banks and financial institutions founded in 1853, of which Bank of the West is also an owner. The RTP network offers many benefits not available with traditional payment systems, including visibility, instant receipt and confirmation of funds, sophisticated messaging features, and 24/7 availability – enabling faster and smarter payments. The RTP network currently reaches more than 50 percent of U.S. transaction accounts and adoption is increasing.

In 2020, Bank of the West will offer commercial clients the ability to send real-time payments through multiple interfaces including an online platform for individual payment entry, application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate client's back-office systems to Bank of the West, and file transfers. Bank of the West will also extend alias-based payments using Zelle® to commercial clients, providing businesses the ability to send money via email or mobile number.

"We are delighted that Bank of the West is now live on the RTP network," said Steve Ledford, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Development for The Clearing House. "Bank of the West is one of the first banks on the West Coast to offer this functionality. Now, its customers have a unique opportunity to join the real-time payments revolution and benefit from always-on, fast, traceable payments."

Bank of the West has collaborated with BNY Mellon for this initiative. BNY Mellon is a leading provider of faster payments solutions for U.S. banks, including through connectivity to both the RTP network and disbursements with Zelle.  

About The Clearing House
Since its founding in 1853, The Clearing House has delivered safe and reliable payments systems, facilitated bank-led payments innovation, and provided thought leadership on strategic payments issues. The Clearing House continues to leverage its unique capabilities to support bank-led innovation, including launching the RTP® network, a real-time payment system that modernizes core payments capabilities for all federally-insured U.S. depository institutions. The Clearing House is owned by 24 financial institutions and supports hundreds of banks and credit unions through its core systems and related services. Learn more at

About Bank of the West
At Bank of the West, your money has values as well as value. We know money deposited in a bank has the power to finance positive change. So we are taking action to ensure our activities help protect the planet, improve people’s lives, and strengthen communities. We are redefining banking for a better future by focusing on areas where we believe we can have a real impact: supporting energy transition, helping enable women entrepreneurs, and financing innovative start-ups. As the bank for a changing world, Bank of the West is committed to sustainable finance along with our parent company, BNP Paribas. Through Digital Channels and offices across the U.S., Bank of the West provides financial tools and resources to more than 2 million individuals, families and businesses.

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