Our customers are individuals, dreamers and most of all, doers.

This collection of stories celebrates that spirit and the customers who embody it. Watch their stories.


Chuck Slaughter's Story

Having sold his successful travel goods business, Chuck Slaughter wanted to do something to positively impact the lives of others. He started his non-profit, Living Goods, to empower a network of micro–entrepreneurs to sell vital healthcare goods in remote areas of Africa. He finds that using his business expertise to help others is more fulfilling than just writing a check to a charitable organization.

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Passions Grow Perfectly in the West

The A to Z Wineworks Story

Bill and Deb Hatcher came west to follow their dream of being in the wine industry. By founding A to Z Wineworks they discovered a way to stay true to their hearts and build on a passion for making great wines that everyone can enjoy. Today, A to Z is the fastest growing winery in Oregon.

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Determined to Succeed

Determined to Succeed Maxwell Lee's Story

When Maxwell Lee came to the U.S., he had two boxes of medical gloves in his suitcase and a distribution idea. He was determined to grow a successful business in the US. Today, Adenna is a multi-million dollar company and their products are distributed worldwide.

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Tradition + Technology Has Never Tasted So Good

The Columbus Foods Story

Columbus Foods opened their doors in San Francisco because the climate felt just like they were back home in Italy — which meant they could cure salame the traditional way. As demand steadily grew, they embraced new technologies while preserving the old-world art of making salame. Their business is their passion, and the results show it.

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A Family Business Built on Family Values

The EndPak Packaging Story

Carlos and Edgar Garcia’s family came to the United States in 1962. They saw an opportunity to start a business of their own, and founded EndPak, a paper bag company, in 1993. Today they have hundreds of employees, including several members of their own family. They attribute their ongoing success to aligning their business values with their family values. Today they are one of the fastest-growing bag companies in the U.S.

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When the Answer is Always Yes

The Leading Edge Aviation Story

Leading Edge Aviation Services started out with a simple plan. Make airplanes look nice and never turn down an opportunity. If they didn't know exactly how to do a job, they worked until they figured it out. It's how they went from one man with a mop to a global leader. They say yes. And then they back it up.

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Olga Lozano's Story

Growing up in a very tight knit family, Olga Lozano learned at a young age that success means enjoying the simple things in life. And though she now runs a flourishing trucking business that requires a lot of time and energy, she knows that it’s still the simple things, like spending more time with her family, that make her happiest.

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A Promise is a Promise

Oral Lee Brown's Story

In 1987, Ms. Oral Lee Brown made a promise to a class of first graders in Oakland, California. She vowed that if they stayed in school she would pay their college tuition. She kept her promise. Today, her foundation continues to support students with tutoring, mentoring, and college tuition. It is truly a testament to the power of one woman backing up her beliefs with action.

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