Bank of the West Celebrates Philanthropy

Charitable Contributions

2013 Philanthropy Awards. Accepting nominations July 15 through July 26.

Bank of the West is proud to announce the 2013 Bank of the West Philanthropy Awards. The awards celebrate the leadership of individuals and nonprofit organizations that advance innovative solutions and demonstrate meaningful progress in our local communities. The awards are designed to showcase excellence in commitment to community among Bank of the West customers, team members and community leaders in the following categories:

  • Innovation in Philanthropy Award: recognizes an emerging nonprofit with an innovative approach to improving the quality of life for individuals, prompting long-term sustainable change and addressing a critical societal issue. This award is open to nominations and voting from the public.
  • Community Impact Award: recognizes a nonprofit inspired by a Bank of the West customer with a strong track record of accomplishments. Nominations for this award are submitted by Bank of the West team members only.
  • Team Member Commitment Award: recognizes a nonprofit in honor of a Bank of the West team member whose leadership has significantly advanced the organization's mission and inspired fellow team members. Nominations for this award are submitted by Bank of the West team members only.

Bank of the West will award a $50,000 cash grant to one laureate and a $10,000 cash grant to two finalists in each award category. Bank of the West will also provide all awardees with a short video vignette to promote their good work.

Nomination Process

Bank of the West will accept nominations from the public for the Innovation in Philanthropy Award. We accept self-nominations and also encourage nominations from individuals who are familiar with the nominee's qualifications. All nominations must be submitted online July 15 through July 26, 2013.

To submit a nomination:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the award category's nomination criteria
  2. Gather required nomination information
  3. Click here to submit your online nomination.

As a nominator, you are required to submit the following:

  • Your information including: name, contact information and association to the nominee.
  • Nominee information, including: name, address, Executive Director contact information, tax ID# and year founded.
  • A description of the nominee's mission, vision, achievements and qualifications for the award category. A strong nomination will include both qualitative and quantitative evidence showcasing the nominee's work and impact.
  • Contact information for three references who can speak on behalf of the work of the nominee.

*Note: You will not have the option to save and return to the application once you have begun the process.

Nomination Criteria

Nonprofits qualifying for the Innovation in Philanthropy Award have been in existence for five years or less and contribute to one of the following four fields: education & job training; community & economic development; health & human care and civic & cultural. Its mission and vision have the potential for long-term, sustainable change and address a critical societal issue. It is also innovative in its programs and approach. Its day-to-day operations are tangibly improving the quality of life for its beneficiaries and our communities and can be demonstrated through qualitative and quantitative data. These organizations are also in a position to leverage this recognition to enhance future contributions.

Nonprofits qualifying for this award must also be located in and serve at least one of the counties within Bank of the West's 19-state footprint. To see a full list, click here.

The Executive Director of the nonprofits that are selected as finalists must be present at the awards celebration in October and agree to participate in filming and a Facebook voting campaign prior to the awards celebration. Travel grants will be provided to nonprofit finalists traveling from outside of Northern California.

Individuals involved in the 2013 selection process and the nonprofits they are directly involved with, in addition to past awardees, will not be eligible for any of the awards categories.

Selection Process

Once nominations are received, they will be reviewed based on the nomination criteria. Qualifying nominations will be advanced to an independent selection committee of foundation leaders to select the top three finalists. Selection of the laureate and finalists for this award category will be open to voting from the public in September through Bank of the West's Facebook page. The laureate and finalists will be announced at the awards celebration in October in San Francisco, CA. All nominators and nominees will be notified by the end of August. Finalists will be contacted to begin filming their video vignette in August.

Award Celebration

Bank of the West will host an evening awards ceremony in October in San Francisco, CA to announce laureates and honor all finalists in each award category.