Custom-tailored wealth management solutions

We can help to ensure your estate, business, and charitable plans align with your personal and financial goals.

A Client-centric Investment Philosophy

Your investment goals and views are unique, that’s why we offer the ability to customize your portfolio. We can tailor your strategy according your desired level of market exposure, tax objectives and personal values.

Our Four Key Investment Beliefs

Your portfolio manager will customize your portfolio based on your unique situation and provide ongoing professional management and monitoring based on these four guiding principles:

  • A well-diversified portfolio
  • An optimal mix of pure asset classes
  • Active management by disciplined, focused investment professionals
  • Broad market coverage and risk mitigation

Analytical Portfolio Optimization

We will draw upon our deep insights in an effort to build the most efficient portfolio for meeting your return objectives, all while factoring in your desired risk tolerance. Our analytics and portfolio management team employs a two-pronged investment approach:

  • A qualitative process that takes into account your individual circumstances, preferences, and constraints—including tax sensitivity, income needs, time horizon, and legal structure
  • A quantitative process that includes intensive statistical analysis and rigorous risk monitoring to strategically match portfolio characteristics to your personal objectives

Estate Planning and Trust Administration

Our skilled fiduciary officers will work closely with your attorney, accountant, and other advisors to manage your estate plan and help protect your family’s future. We offer:

  • Specialized trust services and administration, including estate settlement, and estate plan reviews
  • Individualized support, including serving as a Trustee, Successor Trustee, Co-Trustee, or as an Investment Agent, based on your family’s needs
  • Disciplined management of specific non-liquid assets, such as real estate, including agricultural properties and other holdings
  • Comprehensive wealth planning and footnote*philanthropic consulting

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