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fraud solutions

Stand up to payments fraud

The best way to avoid payments fraud is to stop it before it strikes. To that end, our multi-layer fraud solutions are designed to help your business stop fraudsters in their tracks.


Help ensure only authorized checks clear with Positive Pay and securely enter or upload check files to be printed and mailed on your behalf via the TreasuryNow platform.

ACH and Wires

Screen ACH transactions with ACH blocks and filters and help ensure only authorized debits and credits clear with ACH Positive Pay. Improve payment security by using ACH and wire templatesfootnote1
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Credit and debit cards

Pay vendors with confidence via corporate and purchasing cards, simplify record-keeping through our online portal, and strengthen security with PIN-based chip cards.
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Dual Approvals

Increase payment security by requiring two or more users to authorize Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, TreasuryNow check printing transactions, as well as ACH and wire transfers.

Your first line of defense: Internal employee and account security

  • Consider employee security measures, including employee background checks, mandatory time-away policies, non-compliance consequences, and fraud prevention training for employees.
  • Consider account information security measures, such as physically securing sensitive documents, limiting account number exposure, using check stock with security features, and reducing paper usage.

Protect your business with proven controls

Minimize potential losses with innovative fraud detection solutions, including early detection monitoring, transaction limits, email and text alerts, and separation of accounts.
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We're here to help keep you safe

Help safeguard your business. Immediately report any suspicious activity or fraud by visiting our online Security Center.

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